Project Description

Victoria Black CarriageCommercial Victoria Black Carriage

DST International manufactures and exports all type of wedding horse carriages like Victoria Black carriage, cinderella carriages Two Seater Horse Carriage Victoria Horse Carriage Surrey Carriage Passenger Tourist Carriage Multi Purpose Carriage Horse Drawn Landau Horse Drawn Surries Horse Drawn Hearses Funeral Carriage Atm Fitted Vending machines fitted carriages Horse Drawn Carriage. The victoria was an elegant French carriage, possibly based on a phaeton made for George IV. Victoria carriage was first manufactured in 1844 and was exported to England by Prince of Wales in 1870.This carriage is used by royal families of all countries. It can be drawned by one or two horses. It’s a four wheel royal carriage. Victoria carriage is now also used for all wedding purposes.

We export victoria carriage all over the world.