We manufacture all types of Indian Wedding Decorations Manufacturer. We supply our Wedding props all over the world like – USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ireland, Uganda, Fiji, Netherland, France. 

We have all type of Indian Wedding Decoration Manufacturer like – FRP Aladdin Lamps, Fiber Moroccan Lamps, Metal Lamps, Five Arm Moroccan Pillars/Lamp, Fiber wings for backdrop decoration, FRP Castle for Stage Decoration, Grand Fiber Temples, Fiber Surahi/Hukkas for Wedding Decor, Fiber Balcony Decor Props for Wedding Stage, Wedding Entrance Elephant Face, Wedding Event Candle Walls Decoration, Small Pumpkin Carriage Wedding Centerpieces, Traditional Wedding Small Rehri Decor, Wedding Flower Pot Cycle Decor, Punjabi Wedding Bangle Bar, Unique Hanging Fiber Ganesha, Fiber Fountain For Wedding Decorations, Indian Wedding Decor Jot Diya Stands, Feather Flower Peacock Statues, etc,