Wedding Stages – We are the manufacturer and exporter of all types of Cinderella Horse Drawn Carriages/Buggys. This is the biggest collection of wedding stages manufactured by DST-International. It is a unit of DST Exports.

DST International are original manufacturers and exporters of any/all type of Cinderella Horse Drawn Carriages/Buggys like- Pumpkin Style, Two Seater Horse Carriage, Victoria Horse Carriage, Surrey Carriage, Passenger Tourist Carriage, Landau Horse Drawn, Surries Horse Drawn, Hearses Funeral Carriage, ATM Fitted Vending machines fitted carriages, Horse Drawn Mini Sleighs Glass Coach Type Horse Drawn Carriage, Phaetons Traditional baggies / Tangas to Victoria type Vice Versa Covered Room Type, Royal Glass Coaches Presidents Presidential Carriages Guard of Honor Republic Day Celebration Carriages Wedding Purpose Carriage School going kids Transportation purpose carriages Religious Priests Baggies Procession Carriages Advertisement purpose